Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Rebellious Toddler :)

Today (despite the few incidents I'll tell you about in a minute) was a fairly relaxing day. It consisted of me and Juliette having a lazy, lay-around type of day due to the rain. I didn't mind doing nothing, but of course it made Juliette a little stir crazy!!

At 3am last night the rug-rat decided she was done in her room and gave me no other choice but to bring her into our bed. This was a good decision on my part because I actually got some well deserved sleep!! We woke up at 8am to say good bye to Joe and have some breakfast. Me, not thinking, layed down on her princess couch while she was watching her morning shows. Now my intention was to doze off slightly but still keep my eyes on her. This did not go as planned, I fell asleep and was woken up by her yelling at me, "OMMY...OMMY, EWE!!!!"
("ommy" is pronounced like mommy but minus the first M)
I opened my eyes and told her it was all right. As I closed my eyes again she began to hit my arm repeatedly while saying once again, "OMMY..EWE!!!". This time she got my attention completely and I jumped up. I glanced at the clock and realized I hadn't just dozed off but I had slept for a half hour. Anyone who has kids knows that during this half hour, my toddler could have gotten herself into a world of trouble. I quickly started looking around the house to see if there was anything out of place.

That's when I saw the bag of flour sitting on Juliette's toddler table. I noticed how the bag was still full, but there were traces of flour everywhere. She had found herself a full bag of flour, brought it to her own table and played with it. Although, I must say that from this experience I have realized that I have a GOOD kid!!! Not only was she careful with the FULL bag of flour, but she only played with a small amount. It looked like she had grabbed a hand full and rubbed it all over table, then took another handful and threw it on the floor..lol

I picked up the bag of flour and told Juliette that she was not aloud to touch it anymore. I laughed a little bit at her and asked her if she had fun. Thats when I noticed her diaper was off, so I asked her if she had to use the potty. She started pointing to the kitchen and once again told me, "ewe!!". I followed her to the kitchen and noticed something was on the floor. She got closer to the mystery on the floor and pointed to it once again, reminding me as if I had forgotten, "OMMY EWE!!!" Then it hit me, it was POOP!! I said "ewe" back to Juliette and grabbed a paper towel then picked it up. My little munchkin informed me of some more poop in the dining room and showed me its exact location. lol.

This was a learning experience for me:

1~Don't fall asleep while on duty of toddler watching.

2~My kid isn't that bad if her way of being rebellious while I was sleeping was to play with a small amount of flour and then to poop on the floor..8) At least she didn't poop on the carpet!! And she is such a good girl that she made sure to tell me as soon as she was done pooping. She didn't even play with the poop like I did when I was her age...(thats a whole other story)...

After Juliette's little escapade, we had a really good day. We danced and played with Elmo, drank chocolate milk and watched lots of little kid shows. She had minor meltdowns when she didn't get her way, but generally she got over them quickly.
She occasionally would go to the sliding glass and door and peek out side to see if daddy was home yet~this is one of my favorite things she does...almost like a puppy dog who misses there owner badly. She will stair out of the door and call for Joe many times through out the day. :D


Update On Our Bedtime Battles:::::::

The Battle tonight went surprisingly AWESOME!!!
We won this battle!!!
whoo hooo!
Juliette took her bath, got into her pajamas & had a snack. When we teamed up on her and brought her in the room, she was clearly upset, but decided to not to put up a huge fight tonight. She yelled at me only once and willingly gave me and Joe a goodnight kiss(usually she fights the goodnight kiss because she knows it means she is going to sleep). Its now 12:24am and she hasn't made a peep in almost 3 hours!!!
My plan is working....Me & Joe actually had some quite movie time!!! Even if I have to bring her into our bed at 3am for a few nights, I don't mind because we have our nights back to ourselves and she is in a ROUTINE!!!! (it is possible!!)


  1. "OMMY EWE!" that's so cute.

    I'm adding your blog on my Blogger's Cafe:
    http://avarchives.blogspot.com in Library 1 Mom's blogs.

    Check it out.


  2. Hey, just wanted to say thanks for the comments. I tried emailing but the link on your profile didn't work for me. Anyway, you blog looks really good - great use of pictures and reads really well. Keep up the good work - and keep reading. (PS I've tried the bookstore - no luck yet but might give it another go now...love geeks!)

  3. Sounds like success all around! And just flour? Yep - you got off easy! LOL!!!

  4. Visiting here too...
    Really like your blog Hollie...cute kid too
    Thanks for following me...followed you too
    Keep in touch! God bless...

  5. LOL--there's never a dull moment with a toddler!